Saturday, 20 April 2013

Review: MelanSol Sunscreen and Moisturizer

MelanSol is a company that only produces 100% natural skin care products for you and your family. MelanSol sent me two of their products to try out. I was sent their SPF 10 sunscreen and hand and body moisturizer. Both of these products are full of antioxidants and are very good for your skin and have no harmful chemicals in them. Read on and find out how I liked MelanSol’s sunscreen and moisturizer.

Company Says

MelanSol has a line of 100% natural skin care products, including sunscreen, sunburn relief gel, baby sunscreen, and moisturizer – all chemical free. Not only does the packaging list the active and inactive ingredients, they also list how long the sunscreen will last, how often to apply, and other sun protection measures. I like that they’re working with you to keep your skin healthy. An added bonus is that the MelanSol products are certified as 100% natural by the Natural Products Association, come in biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and are not tested on animals.

MelanSol SPF Sunscreen

The sunscreen has a pleasant botanical smell, went on very easily and without leaving any white marks, and did not feel greasy. The color is light brown and that is because of the green tea that is added to the sunscreen for the health benefits. Do not be alarmed at the color of this sunscreen because it goes on nice and evenly.


Broad Spectrum–Tested and Verified for UVA & UVB radiation
UVA Rating High
UVB Rating-SPF-30–Filters 97% of UVB Radiation
Formula Will Not Burn Your Eyes and Can Also Be Used to Protect Your Lips
Formula also Conditions, Hydrates, Nourishes, and Rejuvenates Your Skin
A Clear, Non-greasy Formula That Dry’s Quickly
Chemical Free Formula Won’t Burn Your Eyes.
Designed For Skin That is Sensitive to Sunlight
Designed For Use on Both Face & Body
Water Resistant (40 minutes)
Gluten Free

MelanSol Moisturizer

The moisturiser is quite thin in consistency, but that does not mean it’s not heavy duty. It moisturises my skin and disappears into my skin with rubbing just a few times, no oily feeling or stickiness. I used it everyday for a month during and did not get any tanning. The sun was’nt really bright, so I used it before stepping out. The real test would be the soon approaching summers in north India. I hardly use a sunscreen in summers, but I am very eager to try this out. I can’t say much about the ageing because I don’t have any signs of aging yet. I am 28. Maybe they will appear after a few years. 


Certified 100% Natural Ingredients
Gluten Free
Can Be Used Around Your Eyes-No Burning Because its Chemical Free
Safe For All Skin Types
 Hydrates, Conditions, Nourishes, and Rejuvenating

If you are interested in checking out MelanSol’s MelanSol SPF-10 and Melan Sol 100% Natural Moisturizer further, visit their website.

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  5. You are so blessed to have no signs of aging yet! ;) I'm 31 and started noticing sun spots a few years ago. Wish I would've used sun screen a lot sooner.


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  11. Sunscreen is so important! I try to remember to put it on daily. Great review!

  12. Hm, interesting. I am spending the summer in Hawaii, so moisturizing sunscreen is really important to me! I hadn't heard of MelanSol, but I like the sound of it and will have to seek it out! Thanks.


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