Friday, 28 June 2013

Review: Ms Patisserie Bath Bakes

Miss Patisserie are a company based in Wales, UK, with an aim to create bath bombs to de-stress, relax, uplift and refresh the mind. All products are beautifully handmade, filled with fragrances and essential oils, and using natural products, such as dead sea salts and Epsom salts which have great benefits for the body. All products are strictly never tested on animals and always undergo a high quality control process before being sold. 

The company started in kitchen and the infamous ‘Bath Bake’ was born. At the start Miss Patisserie products were sold at craft fayres and a few local shops and the business grew from there. Now the brand can be found in over 150 stores in UK and are also sold in Europe and Australia. What is more and why Miss Patisserie is featured today is that all the products are British made. Being rustled up in Cardiff, South Wales by a fantastic team of Miss Patisserie ‘Chefs’.

I was kindly sent this beautiful Fizzante by Miss Patisserie and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the package.

                                                                            Fizzante by Miss Patisserie £2 

The concept with these is that you use the whole or half of the bath melt (I used a whole one - go big or go home right?!). You then split the product in half and pop it into the bath. Splitting the product in half helps to release the cocoa shea nut butter.

I love how these products fizz, they don't fizz up too quickly that it's gone as soon as you get in the bath, but they don't fizz up too slowly that it's just boring. They're just the perfect in between. The scent that is released from these is incredible, I wasn't expecting it as they aren't as big as usual bath bombs/melts that you'd pick up from places like Lush, but these really light up the whole bathroom with the scent. It's amazing. They are also really moisturising because of the cocoa shea nut butter, they're really lovely!

There are also ice lollies and cake slices! Wow! Plus all reasonably priced too; so you can treat yourself to one of each if you like! 


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  2. This is so cute and vibrant colour

  3. Oh wow, this looks amazing, would love to try it myself! <333 Thanks so much for sharing dear!

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  7. This is so pretty! Love the design and wonder how it smells! ;))

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  8. These sound heavenly! I love adding fizzies to my bath, but they don't moisturize my skin. These sound much better than the ones I currently use. I'll go check them out now :)

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