Thursday, 28 November 2013

Review: Model21 False Eyelashes

*PR Sample

Today, I have a review for you all on Eyelashes from Model 21 Eyelashes. I received this sample box for free, however it does not mean my opinions on the product are biased. I have had some time to try the lashes,and here's what I think of them thus far.

Model 21 Eyelashes

Model 21 Eyelashes come in a pack of 10 pairs which is very nice because having just one pair is not enough especially if you are a first time user and you want to practice. The site sells several types of styles ranging from about $8 to about $23 and there are sales. Both synthetics and human hair lashes are sold.

These eyelashes are extremely natural looking, and they can be used daily. They don't loose their shape as fast as real human hair eyelashes. If you take care of them, they can last you for a long time!

I love the fact that the band of the lashes (the part that holds all the hairs together) is very flexible. Some lashes make their bands too thick and it makes the lashes harder for it to stay on my lash line. Other lash bands are too thin, making it too flimsy beyond my control. These are perfect.

Another thing is the tape that the lashes stick to on the box is very sticky so I suggest using tweezers to remove them otherwise the hairs can be pulled and you could ruin the look of them. So delicate hands are needed!

The lashes require trimming at the band, as they are a bit on the long side. (Don't throw the excess lashes in the garbage! The trimmed ends can be saved and placed on the outer end of your lashes for a natural, lengthened look.

Overall, I am extremely pleased. What falsies do you use?


  1. They look so pretty.

  2. I've never worn false lashes, but they are pretty!

  3. These look long but very thin for my lashes

  4. Cool lashes! Thanks for sharing:)'

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  10. I really need to buy some new falsies - I usually use eyelure!


  11. nice post dear & thnx for the tip for not throwing the extra... wud u like to follow each othr