Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Review: Spa Vita Berry Shampoo

I recently received a new Spa Vita Berry Shampoo  for my hair from wishtrendIt is made with 10 different kinds of berries so you can definitely say this product qualifies as an organic shampoo!

Quick Overview:

7-Free Relief :Not contains 7 common ingredients
harmful to human body.

+ Fresh Strawberry Scent.+ Excellent for Revitalizing Dry, Lifeless hair.+ Provide Rich Vitamins & Minerals with 10-berry complex.


Volume :  200ml
Made in Korea 

The berry smoothie scent is gorgeous; really fruity and I had to stop myself from going back to have another sniff.  If you like to smell berries while washing your hair, this is for you.  The tube is 200ml each so they will last a fair while; especially as you don't really need a massive amount.

It seems to work best on my thick, wavy hair when I apply a very small amount. I’d probably like this shampoo more if it wasn’t quite so greasy and hard to remove.