Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Introduction to Paleo, Raw, Vegan and Vegetarian Diet

                                                   Paleo Diet

The way of eating of the people of Stone Age with their limited facilities, is known as Paleo diet. Our ancestors (Stone Age people) used to eat food without knowing its benefits.
The benefits of Paleo diet are, better sleep, better temper and attitude, decrease in blood pressure, mind clarity, decrease in depression, allergy reduction, improvement in the muscles.

Paleo diet is becoming popular diet day after day due to its vital benefits. The Stone Age people were of healthy physic with minimum diseases and with high immune system. They (our ancestors) only eat the things which humans are supposed to eat. Today, most of the natural health experts and athletic experts (coaches) restlessly want to know why we should eat like our early hunter-gatherers.

Paleo diet is also known as primal blueprint, Caveman diet and the Stone Age diet. Paleo diet adopted today is free of processed and refined food items. Paleo means a variety of eating and fitness rules. These rules are designed with respect to theories of human evolution.

Some of the Paleo foods are Grass-produced meats, fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, healthful oils (walnut, Olive, Macadamia, flax seed, avocado, coconut), grass-produced meats, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and seafood, etc.

                                                       Raw Diet

All the uncooked edible fruits, vegetables and grains are known as raw diet.
A raw diet mainly contains sprouts, natural sweeteners, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, seaweeds, beans and organic fruits and vegetables.

Raw diet is the diet that is used to detoxify and cleaning up your skin. It also used to lose weight in a healthy way. Being fully natural diet, it is used to remove toxins from the body and enhances your bodily health. Raw diet is cheaper than another way of eating to get a healthy body free of toxic materials. It also gives rest or break to your oven and pans. Raw diet helps you to reduce a few pounds by keeping you naturally healthy.  

                                                      Vegan Diet

This way of eating allows you to eat only vegetables and edibles which are not concerned for animals like meat, dairy products, eggs, fish and anything concerned with animals and their derivatives. Vegan eating also keeps you away from taking artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and sugar. The vegan way of eating excludes from beeswax and honey too. 

On the other hand it allows you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, grains (whole grains), sulfite free red wine, fake chicken patty and all organic except animals and their byproducts. Tofu is also considered a good vegan source of protein that fulfills your protein need.

Leading a life to be natural, means to be healthy. One biggest benefit is that there is no calorie counting while eating vegan. It keeps you in skinny like shape if you are properly eating in this way. This way of eating is adopted to get a great looking body and better health. If you want to lose your weight with this way eating just need to make a plan of eating very low calorie vegan diet.

                                             Vegetarian diet

A vegetarian way of eating can be understood by its name “vegetarian”. It allows you to eat all vegetables and their by products. It is the way of eating which keeps you away from eating red meat, poultry, seafood and their by- products. Many people adopt vegetarianism just because of their religious beliefs and to get a healthy way of eating to sustain a healthy and active body.

The two main types of vegetarian way of eating differ from each other.

1.      Total vegetarian
2.      Semi-vegetarian

The total vegetarian diet allows you to eat foods from plants only not even eggs or dairy products and the products relevant to animals and their derivatives.
On the other hand semi-vegetarian eating allows you to eat all plant related products and foods and also allows you to eat white meat (chicken and fish), eggs and dairy products as well.

Vegetarianism can be categorized in different varieties such as;

ü  Ovo vegetarian diet
ü  Lacto vegetarian diet
ü  Ovo-lacto vegetarian diet

The ovo vegetarian diet contains vegetables and eggs only, but dairy products and other derivatives of animals are not allowed.

Lacto vegetarian eating is the eating in which one can eat vegetables, fruits and all the dairy products, but eggs and other animal related are not allowed to eat.
Ovo-Lacto vegetarian diet includes both eggs and dairy products, but not the animals.
In fact a vegetarian diet is not confined to one way of eating only, for the health benefits or other self benefits it can be changed.

Vegetarian diet is adopted to maintain natural health and to lose weight, which had been increasing day by day. Being vegetarian or eating vegetarian diet allows you to remove some harmful materials from your body and it also keeps you alert.

Vegetarian diet mostly considered healthy and is adopted to lose weight as vegetarian diet contains natural fruits and vegetables which are low in fat and calories.