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The Actual Way of Losing Weight

Weight loss is a procedure in physical fitness to lose weight by reducing body fats and fluid through proper diet and suitable exercises. There are two ways of losing weight;
  1.  One is the losing weight intentionally
  2.  The second one is the losing weight unintentionally

The healthy way of losing weight is the intentional weight loss that occurs by practicing physical activities regularly and through proper and healthy diet. In this way of losing weight, we have to burn more calories than we consume to lose expected weight.

The unintentional weight loss occurs due to diseases like diarrhea, dehydration, food poisoning, some certain types of cancers, malnutrition and excess use of drugs. The unhealthy way of losing weight either intentionally or unintentionally, leads to several health problems such as muscle weakness, hormonal disorder, less immune response, less sexual ability due to less sex hormones in male and female, abnormal menstruation (in females) and sometimes severe and sudden weight loss leads to death. Unhealthy weight loss affects life quality and lifespan. Losing weight through exercise and severe dieting in quicker short time is also considered an unhealthy way of losing weight.

How to lose weight in a healthy way

Our body prepares some certain types of fat tissues called adipose tissues by using extra calories we consume. These tissues are necessary for our body as they provide cushioning to all our body organs and are also a source of energy stored in our body in the form of fat tissues.

Excess storage of these fatty tissues is considered unhealthy or hazardous to our health, because fat tissues have extremely less number of blood vessels that cannot supply sufficient or required amount of blood containing oxygen and digested food to all our muscle cells and thus these fatty tissues provide insufficient energy to our body. Our body needs oxygen, minerals, digested foods, water and vitamins to function properly.
 And blood vessels absorb vital food ingredients during digestion of food and oxygen from our lungs and then supply to our body for energy generation and to maintain all body systems. Excess body fat lowers the production of important hormones like testosterone that is needed to develop body muscles and to burn body fats. With the age, muscle tissue production rate lowers that leads to slow metabolic rate.
So, there is something badly need to be done for the reduction of this excessive body fat through proper diet and exercise. Healthy physical activities and healthy eating both are the only way to reduce unnecessary body fat.  

Role of diet and exercise in losing weight

Exercise improves life quality, metabolic rate, maintains a healthy body weight, keeps our body flexible that increases the range of motion of our body muscles and also improves blood flow throughout our body. Boosting up metabolism means to boost the fat burning process.
An effective exercise plan incorporated with healthy and natural food plan gives you stronger and leaner muscles and also improves life quality by maintaining healthy body weight.
Exercise also skyrockets physical power and performance even in older age and thus these exercises allow you to perform different power full moves to maintain a strong and lean body. 

Exercising according to a schedule is not the only key to live healthy, younger and energetic for life. An effective exercise plan if incorporated with a suitable food/diet plan, then you can achieve your expected goal. Foods give us energy to perform different routine tasks and also supply essential nutrients that are vital for our survival. Mainly, our diet contains macro and micro nutrients that are needed to maintain all life sustaining processes occurring within our body. 

Exercise matters, but diet matters a lot

Diet is the selection of healthy foods, eliminating processed and refined foods. This is the only way to live healthy and energetic. It is also true that exercise matters, but we all know that diet matters a lot. Diet affects our body more than exercises and other physical activities.

Foods provide energy to perform exercises and these exercises help our body to digest these foods in a better way. Doing routine tasks like going to the market, doing your households and by walking one mile or more keeps your body active and also maintains a healthy body weight while following a healthy diet plan that contains natural and unprocessed foods.
Gradually increasing your workout routine is the secret to live stronger and healthier.
Similarly, only diet keeps no meaning. If a healthy diet incorporated with a suitable exercise or conditioning program, then you can get your expected results. 

Things you need to lose weight

The only thing you need to lose weight is your inner desire to be healthy and smart, but there are still some other factors that also affect our weight such as;
  • An exercising body is an important factor that is too much necessary to have for participating in physical activities. If your body is not capable of doing physical activities, then you cannot lose weight in a healthy way and you have to find some unhealthy ways of losing weight like meditation and severe dieting (skipping foods) that leads to nutritional deficiency. With stronger muscles you can do more powerful activities that can burn extra calories and lead to healthy body weight.
  • Exciting workouts that can be practiced easily and with joy. These exciting and easy to do workouts not only help us in sustaining life quality, but also develop self-confidence and instill spirit of being healthy.
  • Healthy diet with all necessary and essential nutrients.
  • Healthy eating habits which save us from over eating and binge eating.
  • Great interest in maintaining healthy weight and stronger muscles.
  • Always devote your spare time in short time physical activities that can be performed at home or office such as chair sitting, table push-ups, calf raise and some important stretching exercises. These exercises keep you fresh and motivated.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water. If you want to drink plenty of water, then increase your physical activities, because physical activities increase your water need. Drinking water more than your need is not a healthy regime. Drinking too much water or too less water can be hazardous.
  • Add excess healthy protein in your diet.

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