Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Maple Holistics: Organic and Natural Beauty Products

I just lately discovered an all-natural skin care company called Maple Holistics

They have skin care and a lot more. Maple Holistics is family owned and managed whose products are much loved by beauty bloggers and skin care lovers across the world. 

The products consist of organic ingredients, no synthetics, with no perfumes, alcohol or annoying substances. Most significantly, products are designed with delicate skin and allergy-prone skin types in mind. The company also focuses on transparency in listing specifically what is put into their products.

Their food + place based treatment options drive surefire results in the skin by simply feeding the skin's ability to function properly, by itself. This takes a distinctive outlook to skin care by supplying your skin the same  highly effective  type of nutrients that you'd feed the body internally, for maximum health and beauty. It's like supplements for the skin!

You may know to change your skin care regimen but did you know even the hair needs a little bit extra care in the winter?  Yes, it's a good idea.  Maple Holistics states that the change of seasons comes along with hair challenges, and winter is no exception to this rule. Curly hair, fly-a-ways, dry and flaky scalp, and weak hair are tell-tale symptoms that the season has been imposing harmful effects to that fragile hair.

The Maple Holistics products are economical, particularly for an organic range. If you only purchase one item of theirs, I want you to buy the argan oil shampoo.

They've plenty of fantastic products readily available. You can shop for products or if you're not certain what you need you can shop by hair and skin type.

They have also a special offer. You can get a free product of your choice if you are US resident. Go and check out free product offer on their website.

Go show Maple Holistics some love on  Facebook and like I always say that's the most effective way to find out what's new plus you also get suggestions and reviews.


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