Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hair Style Tips : Duchess Of Cambridge

Always stylish and elegant, the Duchess of Cambridge has certainly made a big impression on women across the world; in fact, her impact has been so great that her more affordable outfits sell out almost as soon as she has worn them.

Equally, the Duchess is known for her enviable, sleek and shiny hair and luckily her glossy look is easy to replicate, especially since she usually opts for natural styles.

Regal Hairstyles to Covet

Like many women, the Duchess is constantly busy, so she tends to keep her hairstyles simple. By wearing her hair down regularly she prevents product damage and ensures a low   maintenance style, which is easy to achieve by women everywhere.

 With her signature look being face-framing hair, either straight or with the addition of loose waves, the Duchess knows what suits her and how to achieve a feminine, yet slightly glamorous style. The half up, half down look is also a trademark hairstyle for her and the one she chose for her wedding day. She often uses accessories with hairpieces and hats.

The Duchess also wears her hair up, albeit less frequently and for formal occasions she sometimes opts for a chic chignon, or more intricate plaited up-dos, which look modern and sophisticated. While essentially simple, hair that is worn down needs to have a certain polish. It needs to be in excellent condition in order for it to be as show-stopping as Kate Middleton's. It takes a certain amount of care and upkeep, but with a little effort this is not difficult to achieve.

Achieving Glossy Looks

Diet can make a huge difference to the condition of hair and by including plenty of variety and ensuring a good balance, the hair follicles will benefit from nutrient boosts, helping them grow stronger and thicker with a natural shine.

                                         Another good way to keep hair looking its best is to have it cut and conditioned regularly. By cutting it every six weeks or so, split ends and frizz are banished, helping the hair to lie flat. Conditioning will also encourage the hair to behave itself, resulting in less flyaway hair and the ability to reflect light. Intensive conditioning can be especially helpful for those whose hair needs a little more attention.

Decent haircare products can really stimulate the hair, but the choice is often overwhelming, so it can be a good idea to stick to the basics rather than go for a complete product overload. A good shampoo and matching conditioner are essential, while a good-quality brush will reduce hair damage and static.
If opting for sleek hairstyles, a shine spray or serum is also a good buy, while a mousse or volumising product will help create a bit of bounce. Hair tongs are also a must-have as they effortlessly create those casual waves and straighteners may be necessary for women who do not have naturally straight hair.
                             There are plenty of products on the market, each claiming to perform miracles. By sticking to hairdressing supplies for salons women are guaranteed professional products that have been tried and tested on a variety of hair types.

There is no escaping the Kate Middleton effect, but ladies everywhere can rest assured that her beautiful bouncy hair is not beyond emulation. With a good, face-framing haircut and a little care and attention, beautiful hair that is fit for a Duchess can be achieved by anyone.


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