Thursday, 14 March 2013

Introducing Teavivre( Chinese Teas)

If you've been reading my blog for some time now you'll probably know that I'm a "coffee person" rather than a "tea person" but.... said all that I'm actually changing towards tea as my first choice, rather than a coffee. The reasons behind it - well, main one is my health (I know, I know all about health benefits of drinking coffee :) but at this stage of my life benefits of drinking tea are more important for my well being...). So, going back to the merit. When I was contacted by the Teavivre I couldn't believe my luck for an opportunity to try so many different, original Chinese teas. My choice of those teas was: black tea, red pu-erh tea, oolong tea (which I have never tried before) and one of their fruit teas (which became my favorite one!). I might not know a lot about teas (very little actually) but I know when I like one or not. Teavivre teas are very high quality and you can taste, as well as see it in your pot/cup. I like all the teas I was able to sample - some more than others, but that's just my personal preference. 

Teavivre has a great website. Very informative with detailed information about all different kinds of tea, a little bit of history, brewing methods, different teas for different health benefits (relaxing, weight loss, anti-aging etc.) and also what tea is the best for different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening and all day round). 

Disclaimer: PR Samples are sent for review purposes. However opinions are all mine.

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  1. What a nice sampling to do!! I love tea. Thanks for sharing and linking up at Thumping Thursdays (where I found you today :) ).

    1. Yes, its very nice to receive these teas..

  2. We drink a lot of tea in our house. Coffee in the morning and tea at night. What a lucky thing to sample! Cheers.

  3. I don't know anything about tea. I am a coffee person. But this would be such a great opportunity. So lucky of you to get to do this. I will be checking out the link you enclosed. Thank you.

    Newest follower from: Think outside the blog hop.


  4. Hi, visiting from the blog hop, I am your new follower. I am with you with the coffee-tea deal. I drank coffee for years, and I have pretty much switched to green teas. I was not sure I was gonna make it at one time, but I am doing great with an occasional coffee about once or twice a week.

  5. Hello there, new follower from the blog hop. I feel so much better since switching over to tea and I'm always looking for new ones to try. Thanks so much for the review. Please stop by and visit our page sometime!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  6. Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you do the same, dear! :)

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