Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: Paper Shower

When I was first contacted to review "Paper Shower" , I was a little skeptical !! I mean we all heard and used moist/wet towels right !!! so what's new ? Well Paper Shower is selling not only moist towels but dry towels too and they are selling it together not separately !! That's what makes this product special . You use the moist towel to wipe your face but your face is wet now so Paper Shower is giving you a dry towel too to wipe off your moist face .. and I was sold here.

Company Says

The wet towelette is uniquely designed to release the maximum amount of fluid when applied to the skin. The dry towelette is uniquely designed to efficiently absorb the excess wet towelette fluid without removing the integrated moisturizing ingredients from the skin.

The wet and dry towelettes are durable and will not fray or tear when used; yet are soft to the touch!

The wet and dry towelettes are partially made from recycled materials.


My Verdict

I used it after a particularly sweaty workout and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was enough product to use on all of me. That is no easy task since I am a super salty sweater and am often caked with salt stains after a workout. The wet cloth was strong with just the right amount of moisture. The dry cloth was very absorbent and was able to finish things off nicely.

Plus Points

1- They are separately wrapped so that, on a hot day, I could use the wet one and keep the dry one sealed for another time .

2- They are a generous size (each are 9"x12") body wipe.

3- T
hey do not make me smell like a perfume factory or the baby aisle in the drugstore; they just get you clean, pure and simple.

4- You can pop them anywhere since they take up very little space.

5- The cloths are strong, do not fall apart but are soft to the touch.

6- The price is reasonable at about $1 per combo

They have very little alcohol (unlike traditional wipes)

Overall, I think this is a great product and one that I will use again.

You can
order these online (minimum quantity of 6) with free shipping.

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