Thursday, 6 June 2013

Guest Post: Summer Gift Ideas For Fitness Enthusiasts

For fitness enthusiasts, the summer months are usually the most enjoyable of the year. The warm weather makes it perfect for taking advantage of the outdoors and incorporating them into their workout routines.

After a long winter of working out in the confines of a home or a gym, it can be nice to get
outside to enjoy some fresh air and some new scenery.

While not every fitness enthusiast will consider summer to be their favorite season, most of them find the outdoors to be an enjoyable aspect of life and will try to spend time outside
as often as they can. After all, it's the best place you can spend your time if you truly want to get in shape.

If you know someone who is a fitness enthusiast who also enjoy spending time outdoors, getting them a fitness gift with a summer theme can be the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, Father's Day (which falls in summer) or even a graduation in the late spring.

Here are a few
gifts that fit the bill for both summertime and exercise:

1. Bike

This is a bit of a larger gift, but if you know someone who likes the outdoors and is dedicated to staying in shape, who doesn’t already have a good mountain bike, this is a great gift.

Even if you break the bank on one gift, it’s one that they’re sure to enjoy for a long time, and will probably own for a few decades before needing a new one. You do not necessarily have to wrap this size of a gift, but you should at least embellish it with something like a raffia ribbon or bow.

2. Yoga Bag (to carry a mat)

A lot of people who do yoga enjoy getting outside of a gym or classroom to practice some of what they learned in a quieter and more peaceful environment, like the woods.

A bag to carry yoga gear, like a mat and water bottle, is a perfect gift for the beginning of
summer. That’s not to say the dedicated yoga student wouldn’t try the same thing in the dead of winter, but it’s no secret that parks and outdoor trails are far more appetizing at 70 degrees when the sun is shining.

3. Summer Workout Clothing

A simple pair of shorts or sweat resistant clothing would be a nice, practical gift that will
always go over well. Those who enjoy working out can never really have enough fitness
clothing, and a lot of people won’t have time to purchase summer workout gear.

4. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

Since being outdoors means you might need to get water from some random sources (water fountains, streams, etc.), having a water bottle with a built-in filter is perfect, especially if it’s for someone who enjoys distance running or biking.

Even if they already have a good water bottle, having one with a filter isn’t something they'll need to use all the time, but rather just a nice luxury to have on hand.

5. Waterproof Phone Case for Hiking

Since so many people now have their music players and phones combined into one device,
you know that runners and bikers will be taking their phone with them, no matter where they’re planning on going.

The same goes for hikers, so a weatherproof case would be the perfect gift for someone
looking forward to a lot of nature themed recreation and exercise.

In Case they Forget

Getting a good gift can mean finding something that a person might have forgotten about, or just didn't have the foresight to know that it could be useful to them during the summer.

If you know someone who is into fitness and who has the summer months in front of them, try and gift them with something that they'll find useful for that part of the year.

They'll appreciate it more knowing you put the extra thought and time into it.

About Author

Marcela De Vivo is a marketing professional from Los Angeles whose writing covers several different industries, including health, personal fitness and alternative medicine. As a fitness enthusiast herself, she also enjoys blogging and sharing fitness tips.


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