Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review: Queenie May's vanishing cream

What a magic phrase...
Vanishing Cream.

I'm afraid it will not make all your unwanted bits magically vanish but instead it refers to the way it "vanishes" into your skin after application.
Queenie May's Vanishing Cream is made from a recipe from the 1930s, using an Olive Oil base.
Company Says

Vanishing Cream is the forerunner to modern day Moisturizers.
It is light and silky soft, and will keep your face and hands moisturized all day long.
Use either every night after cleansing with Cold Cream, or in the morning.

We simply splash our face with water in the morning, and after drying liberally apply Vanishing Cream.

The beautiful jar will look so glamorous on your dresser.

Plus Points

1. It really is a low fat moisturizer. True to its name, it simply vanishes within minutes leaving your skin well moisturized, soft and supple without a trace of greasiness. Love that!!!

 2. I love the smell of this stuff… I find it calming(perhaps because of the essential oils).Its not overboard.

 3. It has never ever given me a breakout which I must admit should have been the top most point. Oh! its such a blessing when you actually find a product that's suiting your skin.. I have used this cream in the peak summer months in Pakistan weather and not a single breakout.. What more could I ask for??

 4. I have noticed a reduction in the blemishes on my face ever since I started using this cream and I can say that because I am only using this moisturizer apart from my cleanser, toner and sunscreen. My face is clearer and stayed clearer in summers which is such a happy feeling. Of course the cleanser and the night cream has a big role to play in this. I will review them separately.

 5. The quantity one requires is simply pea-size..that covers my face and neck (though I don't use on neck much. I prefer sunscreen there). So the pot lasts for a good duration. I have been using mine since before the beginning of summers except during monsoons when I avoided all moisturizers in general and I still have half the pot left.

You can buy this from their website.

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  2. perfect review :)

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