Sunday, 26 January 2014

BE MINE Valentine Collection 2014 by Amy Waltz Designs

Amy Waltz Designs (AWD) is an Etsy shop which specializes in hand crafted metal  jewelry, very boho chic. This shop has a wide range of funky, stylish pieces at affordable prices.
This shop stocks various types of necklaces, rings, bracelets and different kind of earrings.

In Their Own Words 

Amy Waltz Designs (AWD) jewelry is more than jewelry, it's a powerful reminder into our own true uniqueness. Jewelry makes us feel and look beautiful but my hope is that it will be a window into one's own inner beauty and magnificent purpose in life.
We aim to lessen our environmental footprint by up-cycling, using recycled, non-conflict metals and stones, and Eco-friendly patinas and sprays. We seek to contribute to raising human consciousness by mindful actions, respectful intentions and positive vibrations. And we hope that our jewels will help you do the same.

Amy Waltz Designs has just launched its sophisticated  BE MINE Valentine Collection 2014. This collection is especially designed for the women who love to have glorious and glamorous look on this special day. 

You can find perfect gift for you Mom, sister and all of your other valentines as well. Just take a look at some of my favorite pieces...


Each piece of jewelry from Amy Waltz Designs is stunning and eye catching. Packaging is equally stunning and admirable. It is filled with inspiration, nature, and beauty. It is  included a hand written note of inspiration that support the pulse of the jewelry, awakening kindness and propagating goodness.

               So, hope you liked this store. Which piece of jewelry did you like?


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