Friday, 17 January 2014

Review: Orange Dragon Dowsing Pendulum

Marlaina from Pendulum creations designs a variety of pendulums to suit your needs. Gemstones, herbs and other mystical ingredients are used to power the pendulum's dowsing, chakra balancing and spiritual heightening abilities. All of her pendulums are created in a peaceful, sacred space and infused with positive energy.

I got a chance to review one of its pendulum and I happily choose this Orange Dragon Dowsing Pendulum.

                                                                                   Orange Dragon Dowsing Pendulum

Orange Dragons are said to bring strength, courage and balance. By nature they are part of the fire dragon family. Call upon this dragon when you are going through a difficult change or transition. Use this dragon in meditation to bring balance and peace.

The charm on this pendulum is Tibetan silver in color. The charm is approximately 1” tall and wide in length. The chain of the pendulum was made in a dragon’s claw chain mail pattern. It is bright silver in color with splashes of vibrant orange jump rings. The chain is approximately 6” in length.

The pendulum body is in a puff heart drop shape and made from hand blown glass. It is approximately 1-1 1/2 inches in length. It is sealed with a stopper and matching silver cap. Fillers in the body include orange shimmer and stars, opaque orange beads to help enhance intuition with the orange dragons, tiger eye chips for strength and courage, orange dragon scales to help call upon the orange dragons magic and a mini yin yang to help invite the presence of peace and balance.


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