Friday, 27 June 2014

The 8 Fashion Staples Women Can't Live Without

Shopping for clothing and accessories is one of the things a lot of women look forward to doing, particularly when there’s a particular occasion like weddings, proms and parties. You want to continue with trends, but simultaneously, you want clothing that won’t be useful next season.

Along with the huge list of fashion clothing, lots of women took these 8 fashion staples as very necessary to them actually; these are the stuff that you really need.

The Little Black Dress

Many fashion experts state that you need a “little black dress”, and certainly I agree that black dresses are stylish and classic. A black dress can be made and worn according to your preference but the mostly it is styled according to the occasion.

The Basic Black Blazer

Blazers aren’t only for office wear; they can improve a woman’s general look. A plain blouse can seem more stylish when this blazer is worn.

Form Fitting Denim

Denim jeans are measured hardworking pants and have turn into a wardrobe staple for men as well as women due to the comfort and ease it provides.

Plain Tee

The tee is one of the essential fashion staples all women must have. It is in a range of colors and can be paired with the form fitting denim.


In fact, the majority of women do not just have one or two totes but many them. Many women usually carry on totes of special colors, brands, styles, and sizes.


Maybe these are the most preferred of most women because they come in various forms and can be worn in various parts of the body, like belts, watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. They can be worn on special occasions or for daily wear.

Black Pumps

 These are to put on with your dress pants and white shirt for official occasions. Use a little additional cash and get high-quality- shoes since if you be careful of them, they will last longer!

Magic Wrap Skirt

Magic wrap skirts can be worn out in 100 different ways. With the two complementary fabrics as part of the ensemble, you can simply wear it around your hips or a cute summer top.

This graphic was created by, a fashion retailer featuring convertible dresses and skirts.