Thursday, 10 July 2014

OrGlow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

It is our utmost desire to be attractive and charming like nature. While talking about beauty, we always imagine a person`s glowing and shining face. And it is true that our whole beauty is dependent on our facial look. The people with healthy skin enjoy their life with pleasure but on the other hand many of us have been trying to have such kind of healthy skin. To do this, they ruin their faces with low standard cosmetics which have a number of side effects. All this is due to that they always don`t care what they are doing. Always be very careful while purchasing facial cosmetics, because they can change your personality in two ways.

Ø  It can make us attractive.
Ø  Or it can make us dull.

 If you want to be attractive then pay attention to your facial cosmetics. All skin care products should be natural that should also be free of parabens.

OrGlow is a latest brand that that represents an organic glow for your skin. Salina Taqi is the owner of this brand. All ingredients of the mask are natural and no dangerous chemical are present. It states to be handmade with love and 100% natural ingredients. This mask in powder form is expected to be mixed with a tablespoon of yogurt and a few drops of Glycerin Oil.

Now like all, natural and organic face products it had a pungent smell, most likely enhanced by the yogurt but the product packaging states that it “tightens, whitens and brightens”.

After leaving it on for almost 8 minutes, I carefully removed it with water and I was really amazed by the outcomes. My skin tone looked more even and yes my skin was radiant. Skin is much healthier and nicely toned.

I was really worried about summer heat and its effects on my skin. Now I am very happy that I found something that will meet my summer’s needs to protect and enhance my skin.

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