Friday, 18 September 2015

Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is edible fatty oil that is extracted or obtained from mature coconut fruit’s flesh. Coconut oil is used in cookeries and cosmetics due to its amazing benefits. Coconut oil can be extracted in two different ways;
  1. Through the flesh of raw coconut (wet process)
  2. Through copra (dry coconut) and the process is known as dry process

Coconut oil contains high amount of protein, fatty oil and fibrous content and is used due to its several health benefits such as;

  1. · In cookeries as a cooking oil or taste enhancer
  2. As a skin moisturizer for soft, young and smooth skin
  3. Coconut oil is used in hair treatments and for strengthening and toning hair
  4. Coconut oil is the best make up remover for eyes, because it is beneficial in removing dark circles and keeps the skin under your eyes wrinkle free and shining by slowing down aging process
  5. Coconut oil is widely used in cosmetics, because it removes age spots and stretch marks (due to pregnancy or other reasons)
  6. It is also used on face and lips as it hydrates our skin and keeps it flexibility in its good order
  7. Coconut oil if applied to hair (especially after taking bath) helps you in getting rid of frizz (the condition of being formed into small tight curls) and makes your hair shiny and strong
  8. Coconut oil contains heart healthy fatty acids like high density lipoprotein (HDL) that is beneficial for our cardiovascular system and thus it helps in fighting against heart disorders
  9. A moderate use of coconut oil increases your energy level and allows you to do physical activities for longer duration.
  10. Coconut oil contains high amount of fatty acids that turn into ketones or increases concentrations of ketones in your blood. These ketone bodies prevent over-eating by reducing your appetite

Medicinal Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

·     Coconut oil is used in several cosmetics for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Coconut oil contains the lauric (a crystalline fatty acid occurring as glycerides in natural fats and oils (especially coconut oil and palm-kernel oil)) acid that kills pathogens and prevents several infections.  

·     Coconut oil energizes brain’s malfunctioning cells and empower your brain (coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides which help our brain in fighting against many brain disorders) that leads to boosted brain functions and also lowers the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

·      Coconut oil is the best for oral health in oil pulling (a natural remedy to detoxify and clean teeth and gums to improve oral health). In oil pulling, organic oil is swished in the mouth for a specific duration of time for improving oral health (whitening teeth and improving gums health). There are many organic oils that are used in oil pulling, but coconut oil is the best for this purpose.

·     Coconut oil improves insulin level within your body.

·    Coconut oil regulate hormonal production if used on regular basis.

·   Orally ingested coconut oil helps you in improving mental alertness and reduces the risks of allergy.

How can we Get 100% Organic Coconut Oil

There are several sources of getting fresh and 100% organic coconut oil, but is the best online source of coconut oil that deals with 100% fresh and organic coconut oil with fresh coconut smell. Coconut oil at is free from any chemical and the fruit is obtained from the tropical islands Fiji where the air and water are unpolluted and produce 100% natural and nutrient rich fruits. During the extraction of coconut oil no chemical is used to keep its quality in its best condition. 


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