Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sand Bag Exercise

One part of exercise that usually gets forgotten about is sandbag training. Sandbags are easy to learn, challenge the whole body, and have more versatility than almost any other form of equipment... If you can't stand your gym anymore or just can't afford it, grab a sandbag for a great alternative for helping you get in a full-body workout. Lifting one is an old-school way to build brute strength and intense endurance. 

How to do

Perform the exercises in the order told. Go for time, not reps. Begin by working for one minute, then resting one to two minutes. Do as many reps as you can. Don't be overly concerned about form-the sand will shift around, making it hard to control the bag. That's the point. Having to stabilize yourself constantly will work you from head to toe.

  Step 1

   Heave the bag from the floor to your chest, then press it overhead. Drop it and repeat as many times as you can for one minute. Complete three sets.

  Step 2

    Wrestle the bag up to your left shoulder and do one squat. Drop the bag, and then repeat
on the right shoulder. Continue alternating for one minute. Do three sets.

  Step 3

    Wrestle the bag to your chest and squeeze it in a bear hug. Run in place, for one minute. Drop it, rest, and then repeat for three sets.

  Step 4

    Lie on the floor with the bag on your chest. Press it up and then, with your arms fully   extended, do a sit-up. Repeat the entire exercise for one minute. Do three sets.


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