Thursday, 1 November 2012

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Women

Gift giving can sometimes be stressful, last minute or both. This list will be able to give you some ideas as to what to give to your, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, grandmother or other female relative or friend. Most can be purchased online so you won't have to go searching through stores or fighting crowds. This list will include items for different personality types, ages and budgets.

1- Perfumes

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Women throughout the ages have worn perfumes as a form of self-expression. Give a woman a bottle of fine perfume and complete the gift with a miniature travel-size bottle for her purse. Perfumes come in a variety of fragrances: musk, floral, citrus, chypre (woody), spicy, fresh powdery, light and heavy herbal scents are just a few. Select one that suits her unique personality.

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2- Bags or Purses

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A purse or bag makes an ideal gift because it can be used more than once and you don't have to know the recipient's size to purchase one. There are myriad choices so be sure to select one that reflects her personality such as a cute insulated bag to carry her lunch, unique handmade purses such as those made from cigar boxes, a trendy diaper bag for a woman that's expecting her first child, a laptop tote or a "hobo" purse for those who carry a lot of items.
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3- Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are an imperative part of a complete wardrobe. Focus on size, shape and personal style when purchasing for others.
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4-  Jewelry

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Jewelry with the honoree's birthstone is always pleasing to a woman. If married, a 50-year-old woman will be thrilled to get an upgraded wedding ring or a ring for her right hand.

5-Bath and Body Works

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Every woman likes to smell nice. To enrich their skin in the scents of the holiday's or the aroma therapy scents to help us relax or feel energized. You just can't go wrong with the products at Bath and Body Works. They have to many things to choose from. Like Foot care, facial care, from their new signature collection to the holiday collection, you just can't go wrong. They also have an antibacterial section that is awesome too. The scents there are amazing and women everywhere love Bath and Body Works.
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