Monday, 18 February 2013

Review: Crea Clip

You know how pricey it is to visit a hair-dresser nowadays, right? Especially if you just want to trim your hair or cut the split-ends, there's no way I would pay for an expensive price for something that the hair-dresser would do in 10 minutes ^o^ I only go to the hair-dresser if I want to cut my hair into a different shape or style, or maybe to color it, but not for the 10 minutes hair trim. But then again, sometimes you DO need the trim to make your hair stay healthy and beautiful, or you DO need the trim to keep the hair style from looking awry. So there goes the dilemma..

But wait, now there's an answer for that dilemma. It's called: Crea Clip.
I knew about Crea Clip from several blogs that raved about it, I thought this is just what we need! Crea Clip is a hair-cutting tool (or guide) that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair. Very useful and easy to use.
Every Crea Clip include a set of two sizes. The smaller size is great for bangs and trimming men’s hair, while the larger & curved size is great for long hair and layering. With both in the set you can create unlimited hairstyles. In the package you can also found a "How-To" pamphlet so you'll know what to do with them.

I tried the smaller (blue one) to trim my client's bangs.  By reading the pamphlet first and then log on to their website to check out the videos I find them so easy to use and the explanation are very user-friendly. Just like they say in their website, all you have to do is just Clip, Slides, and Cut!
The Leveler on the middle of the Crea Clip helps me to position it so that I know the cuts will be straight or in proportion.

The CreaClip can save money because you don't have to pay expensive hair-trims (or even hair-cuts!) anymore. And it will save you from the hassle of traveling and waiting at the hair dresser too. Crea Clip is also perfect for those who are not physically able to go to a salon, and also to cut your children's hair (you know how fast their hair grows, especially bangs). And it can be used for any type of hair.

I also saw a few videos on their website that makes Crea Clip more than just a tool to help you trim your bangs. With the Crea Clip set you can do maintenance between cuts, do a layered style or a blunt bob, or even create your own customized hair style.

Disclaimer: I purchased this from their website and all the opinions are mine.

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  1. I would love to try this!! Nice review :)

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  4. This seems like a great idea. I love the concept, though clicking through to their website, the price seems way over-inflated. $30 for two litte plastic clips? Maybe when the price goes down!

  5. Wow this is awesome.

  6. I so need these clips. I pay way to much to have my hair cut and for the blower to be taken to it. If only my husband really knew what I spent on my hair. I am your newest follower from the blog hop. I would love it if you get a chance to check out the Nifty Thrifty Family site.

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